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Bethel University recognizes Colleen L. Sahlas for handling a probate estate which left them a $3 million donation.


Elderly, Swedish Sisters Leave Millions to 33 Cousins

Two Swedish sisters lived together well into their 90s, and neither sister had ever married or had any children.  Dying within months of each other, these frugal, hard working sisters earned enough to call themselves millionaires, yet lived modestly.  One sister had a Will while the other did not. The sister having the Will died first, directing in the Will that the other sister inherit everything.  Shortly after, the surviving sister died without a Will.  Without a Will, it is left to the State of Illinois Statute as to how the total assets would be distributed.  The Law directed that it be distributed to all the maternal and paternal cousins, totaling 33 in all, with half of them residing in the Country of Sweden.  Our firm successfully located each heir, collected and distributed the millions in assets, and worked with the Swedish Consulate to ensure that each heir of the Estate received their proper inheritances.

Unmarried House Remodeler Owning Real Estate in Multiple States Dies Without a Will

A single man without any children in his 50s dies unexpectedly leaving his real estate rehabbing & flipping business with multiple real estate properties in several States with unfinished work and packed with personal belongings.  Having invested monies in numerous companies and real estate properties in several different States, he was also the Executor for his 2 deceased aunts’ estates which were left incomplete at the time of his death.  Leaving little paperwork or files detailing exactly what he owned, the Executor was still discovering monies and investments 3 years after probate was first opened.  Having died without a will, it was left to the State of Illinois to determine who would inherit his assets. But matters were complicated by the fact that he owned real estate in 3 different States, and each State’s laws about who was entitled to inheritance monies was different from the other States.  We successfully opened probate in several different States, discovered and collected the numerous assets and distributed them to his heirs according to each State’s law.  In addition, we assisted in ensuring that the 2 deceased aunt’s estates were re-opened and had assets distributed accordingly.

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Our Oak Brook Business Law Attorneys Assist Entrepreneurs, Charities and Businesses:

We’ve helped entrepreneurs and small business owners pursuing the American dream by setting up their own business.  From pet store owners to home remodeling businesses, chef & catering businesses to a professional doctor’s practices, and landscaping companies to marketing firms, we have a wide variety of business clientele.  We have also helped incorporate and continue to represent not-for-profit businesses including charities, churches and condominium associations.  We offer a Free 1/2 hour Initial Business Consultation.*  Contact our Oak Brook Business Attorneys for a Free Consultation* today.


Our Oak Brook Estate Planning Attorneys Establish Illinois Estate Plans

We’ve set up estate plans for people of all walks of life.  Every person, not just the wealthy, needs an estate plan.  Some clients require estate plans which are more basic while others require complex and sophisticated estate plans to meet their needs.  From the sophisticated and savvy investor to the young, first-time home buyer, we’ve serviced a wide variety of clients.  While we’ve drafted asset protection plans and estate plans for wealthy millionaires who own numerous assets and dozens of real estate properties, estate plans are not just for the wealthy.  We’ve been there to help our clients of modest means who have worked hard for what they have and want to protect their families by setting up an estate plan.  We have helped clients who don’t own real estate or other significant financial assets but want a living will and Powers of Attorney for healthcare and finances to protect them in the event that they become suddenly disabled or unable to communicate.  At the time of their first consultation, our average client has many questions about why they need an estate plan for their particular circumstances and how an estate plan can benefit them and their family.  We have enjoyed meeting personally with our clients and answering all their questions to assure them that they have their specific needs met and that their goals are accomplished.  Whether it’s family protection planning by naming a guardian for your minor children at the time of your death, or financial asset protection planning to ensure that the wealth you’ve worked hard to build will not be subject to estate taxes, we can help you achieve your goals.

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