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Do You Need to Update Your Estate Plan?

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Please take a moment to review this checklist. Many of these issues can affect you and your family’s estate plan, so don’t miss this chance to ensure your protection is up-to-date.

Since my Estate Plan was established, I have:

  • Moved;
  • Changed my marital status;
  • Experienced a birth/death in my family;
  • Entered into a new business;
  • Acquired significant new assets;
  • Purchased real estate;
  • Acquired additional life insurance;
  • Decided I want to change how or to whom to distribute my finances and property at my death;
  • Decided I want to change the guardian for my children in the event that I and my spouse pass away.

I am interested in learning more information about:

  • Estate Preservation;
  • Last Wills and Testaments:
  • Naming a Legal Guardian for my minor children in the event of my death;
  • Land Trusts;
  • Revocable, Living Trusts;
  • Charitable Trusts;
  • Leaving Funds to Charity;
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts;
  • Transferring assets into my current Trust;
  • Ways to be protected financially and medically if hurt or disabled;
  • Powers of Attorney for Property (finances) or Healthcare;
  • Living Wills;
  • Ways to inform your doctor that you do not wish to be artificially kept alive;
  • Probate and what determines whether my estate must go through probate;
  • Probate Alternatives;
  • Legal Guardianship of a Minor;
  • Legal Guardianship of a Disabled Adult;
  • Helping my parents get protected with an estate plan or medical directives.

If you have questions about the application of the law in a particular case, consult your lawyer. The law is constantly changing. Information on this site or any site to which we link does not constitute legal advice.

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