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“Hi David, I received all the paperwork [estate planning documents].  By the way, you did a very excellent job! I am very, very pleased.  You were worth every penny.”  

Shirley - Naperville, Illinois

“Many, many thanks for the great job you have done for us in estate planning!  God bless you richly!  We thank God for you!”

John & Helen - western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois

“Just a note to say how very grateful we are for you and the wonderful work you have done for us.  It’s been a pleasure doing business with a firm of high standards and integrity.  Thank you and may you be blessed.”

Craig & Nancee - Glen Ellyn, Illinois

“What a load you have taken off my mind. Thank you for your incredible professional and personal support.”

Laura - Downers Grove, Illinois

“Thank you for our Wills.  You were so great in working it all out. We thank God for both of you. Thanks again for your help.” 

Ed & Doris - Rockford, Illinois

“Thanks for your advice.  You can’t believe how frustrated I was, and how relieved I am now!  You were a real, ’sanity saver!’”

Ruth - Oak Park, Illinois

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Free Estate Plan Consultation

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We offer a FREE Estate Plan Consultation.* 

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Why Choose the Illinois Estate Planning Attorneys?


The Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas, LLC offers:

  • Convenience:
    • A central, convenient Chicagoland location of Oak Brook, Illinois
    • Free Covered Parking
    • A Handicap Accessible location
    • Home consultations for the elderly, home-bound or disabled
    • Hospital consultations for the infirmed
    • Weekend or evening consultations by appointment
    • An upscale, desirable location. Shop or Dine around your appointment time in the Oakbrook Shopping Center
  • Experience:

  • Personal Attention:  We don’t run our office like a mass production factory line.  We are a small firm committed to a high standard of service and give you individualized, personal attention.  At the Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas, LLC., you are a name and not a number. 
  • An Excellent Reputation: We’ve gained a positive reputation amongst numerous satisfied clients and local professionals including certified accountants and financial planners.  Read testimonials from our clients and other professionals.
  • Knowledge of changing Estate Planning laws: Our practice has been located in the western suburbs and has focused in the area of estate planning for 30+ years.  We’ve helped hundreds of clients establish an Illinois estate plan.


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*The Free Estate Plan Consultation with the Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas, LLC is up to 45 minutes in length and is a one-time offer to an individual if single, or to a couple if married. We offer convenience and flexibility in location for those in need, but the consultation will be at a mutually agreeable location if it is not to be at our law offices in Oak Brook, Illinois. We offer convenience and flexibility as to the time and date of a consultation, but the consultation will be at an agreeable date and time as our attorneys are available. 

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