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Losing a Loved One and Hiring Legal Counsel

When a loved one passes away, the last thing most people want to do is handle legal issues of their loved one’s estate. It can be a daunting and confusing process in the midst of grieving. Besides legal issues, there are persons to notify, memorial service arrangements to be made, bills to be paid, and strained family relationships to manage. We’re here to help.  Contact our Father-Daughter Illinois Probate & Estate Attorneys today at (630) 575-0400. 


Are You Facing these Legal Questions?

What valuables or assets did my loved one own? 
Who gets to Inherit?   
Was there a Will?
How do I collect those Assets?
Who has the right to collect assets?
Can creditors come after the estate?
Are there any outstanding debts to pay off?
How do I sell assets which can’t be liquidated? 
There is no will.  Does the State direct who gets to inherit?
How do I answer my family’s questions?  
Do I have to give anyone a copy of the Last Will or Trust? 
Will I have to go to Probate Court?
Were beneficiaries named?
  Who else owned the Asset? A Joint Tenant? A business partner? A trust?

The Father-Daughter Illinois Probate & Estate Attorneys are here to answer your questions.  We can guide you through the confusing financial and legal maze during your time of grief and loss. Our Illinois Probate Attorneys have helped numerous widows, widowers, children, and other family members to handle the estate of a loved one who has passed away.   We find it rewarding to assist others during a trying time. 


What Our Clients Say About Us: 

“Thank you, Colleen.  I don’t know if we ever fully conveyed how much we appreciated your work on (our brother’s) Estate.  We really did, and you made a very difficult situation much more palatable!” Trish & Ross - San Diego, California

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the very professional and caring handling of my duties as executor of my sister-in-law’s estate.  Since this was all so very new to me I was at a real loss as to what to do and how to do it. You were extremely sympathetic to the complex situation confronting me at that time. There were numerous heirs, complex bequeaths as well as property to be assessed and sold during a time, I might add, that was not conducive to quick and easy sales. Your vast knowledge of real estate law saved me many pitfalls and hassles along the rocky road to “sold”, thank you for your expertise! Needless to say there was a tremendous amount of bookkeeping, banking and correspondence which you and your staff handled professionally and expeditiously. I could not have done all of this alone, I was fortunate to have you and your staff helping me. Thank you for your moral support as well as your expertise, I would, and have, recommended The Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas, Ltd. to my relatives and friends.”  Margaret - Oak Park, Illinois

“What a load you have taken off my mind.  Thank you for your incredible professional and personal support.” Laura - Downers Grove, Illinois

“Thanks for your help in the conclusion of my father’s estate.  We appreciate the work you did for us but also the manner in which it was done.  As you may have heard, my brother has just recently been discovered to have bone cancer.  It seems to be serious.  Our trust is in the same Lord whom you have also testified to serve.  That trust gives us considerable comfort.  Thanks again.” Paul - Geneva, Illinois

“Just a note to say how very grateful we are for you and the wonderful work you have done for us.  It’s been a pleasure doing business with a firm of high standards and integrity.  Thank you and may you be blessed.” Craig & Nancee- Glen Ellyn, Illinois 

“Colleen and I have worked together on several estates and trusts.  She has the highest integrity and is prompt and complete in her work.”  Jean Sredl, Certified Public Accountant - Riverside, IL

In 2011, I, as the executor of an estate knew I needed a qualified lawyer. I called a person who immediately recommended the Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas. I met with them, and found, to my delight, that they were the lawyers I was looking for.  The entire estate was done with utmost care and without delay. I would recommend Colleen Sahlas, who does the highest quality of work, and with complete cooperation at all times!  Thank you Colleen for the excellent service rendered.”  Howard - Wheaton, Illinois 

July, 2013 regarding a decedent’s estate: I appreciate your help.  You folks have been a blessing to me and my family through this difficult time.  I know why my Mom trusted you so.” Kathy - Woodridge, IL

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